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The body of an insurgent lies on the floor of a home in western Fallujah after Marines with Kilo Co. (3/1) discovered him and two companions while searching city blocks house by house on Saturday, Nov. 13, 2004.  The death of the trio was only the beginning of a firefight in the house that lasted more than an hour and left one Marine and seven insurgents dead. Seven Marines were seriously wounded as Kilo Co. struggled to evacuate its casualties under fire.  Finally able to exit the building, combat engineers leveled the structure with 20 lbs. of high explosives in an effort to kill any fighters remaining inside. The fight in the home became known as the ?ell House?to Kilo Co. and marked a turning point in the way the company cleared the rest of their piece of the city. Afterward, when contact was made with the insurgents, the Marines called in bulldozers, C-4, and air strikes.